Hospitality – Betty Wang (2012)



來自紐約布魯克林(Brooklyn)Hospitality成軍於2007年,成員包括女主唱Amber Papini、貝士手Brian Betancourt和鼓手Nathan Michel,玩著青春陽光又帶點復古的indie pop曲風。




Betty Wang


Betty Wang, roll your jeans

Cut your hair and clean your sleeves

I don’t care where you live

Or how far uptown it is

Across the street we could meet

At the Edison Hotel

Bought you lunch

Bought you sleep

Took you up my stairs to meet


Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia


If you have to be back by nine

Telephone the report

Take a taxi ten before

You’re the only girl on the team

You don’t golf

You don’t smoke

You don’t understand their jokes


Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia


And if you leave New York

I don’t care, I don’t care

If you leave New York

I don’t care

I will follow you back to Tokyo


Betty Wang, you don’t lie

When you give career advice

Off the clock, at a bar

Singing Hammerstein and George

You’re the only friend on the team

You don’t laugh at my jokes

I appreciate your time


Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia

Su Chia


() 單字解說

    1. Brooklyn[ˋbrʊklɪn]     n. 名詞     布魯克林(紐約西南部的工業區)


    2. sleeves[slivs] (單數為sleeve)  n. 名詞 [C]    袖子袖套

      He rolled up his sleeves and got down to work.



    3. uptown[ˋʌpˋtaʊn]  a. 形容詞   (或向)城鎮住宅區的

      He went to the uptown post office.



    4. stairs[stɛrs]          n. 名詞     樓梯

      We climbed the winding stairs to the tower.



    5. appreciateˋpriʃɪ͵et]  vt. 及物動詞   感謝感激

      She deeply appreciated his kindness.



() 延伸討論:

     I think this song ”Betty Wang” is written for a friend , how do you think?



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